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Advanced Dental Care

Dallas, TX Advanced Dental Care - Dallas Dental Specialists - Advanced Family Dentistry

At Dallas Dental Specialists, located in Uptown Dallas, TX, we’ve built our dental practice on the notion that we’re there when our patients need us. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, need dental implants, veneers, or sedation dentistry to calm your fears, all you need to do is call our office. We’ve assembled a team of dental specialists that can handle most dental procedures without having to refer you to someone else.

We consider ourselves an advanced dental practice because we perform such a wide variety of dental procedures and treatments under one roof. This is possible because we have a general dentist, oral surgeon, periodontist, and an excellent staff at Dallas Dental Specialists. Our advanced dental care is the reason why some of our patients travel many miles to visit our Uptown Dallas, TX family dental practice.

Our Advanced Dental Care

At Dallas Dental Specialists, we believe the best cosmetic and family dentistry begins with treating you like a person, and not a chart number. When you contact us, or request an appointment online we will do our best to get you an appointment within three business days. If you’re experiencing pain or any troubling symptoms, we will do our best to see you that day. For each new patient we perform an oral cancer screening and spend extra time discussing your oral health goals. After a comprehensive exam, our wonderful hygienist will give you a good, deep cleaning.

Sedation Dentistry

A significant percentage of American suffer from dental anxiety, which may cause them to avoid a dentist altogether. To combat dental fears, we offer several types of sedation dentistry at Dallas Dental Specialists.

IV Sedation - Usually used by oral surgeons and dentists with specialized training and special certification. With this type of sedation, medications are administered directly into the blood stream. The greatest advantage of IV Sedation is that if someone is not

Conscious Sedation - This type of sedation dentistry is administered by taking a pill. All body functions remain normal and the person is able to breathe on their own. The patient will often fall asleep. Some degree of amnesia is common.

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation - Also known as "laughing gas," this is the most frequently used sedation method used in dentistry. All bodily functions remain normal and the person is able to breathe on their own. The patient will often fall asleep and experience some degree of amnesia about what happened during their dental appointment. Inhalation Sedation has been used by dentists for many years.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Because of the range of dental specialists we have on staff, our Dallas, TX family dentists can provide a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services and orthodontic care. Additionally, our office can take a “big picture” look at the conditions in your mouth to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Milenbaugh can accommodate your treatment goals.

If you’re considering dental implants in Dallas, TX, Dallas Dental Specialists has a periodontist on staff. Choosing a practice with a periodontist on staff for dental implants is smart move because periodontists receive extra training—up to three years beyond dental school—in placing dental implants.

Our family dentists in Dallas, TX also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures to help your family achieve beautiful smiles. We provide custom home teeth whitening kits, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, and more. Visit our procedures page to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry in Dallas, TX.

If you have questions, or if you would request an appointment, please contact us today! We look forward to your visit!


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